Strong Gym is here to unlock your muscle building potential through strength-focused group fitness classes and personal training.

Strong is for everyone. Classes are programmed to unleash your inner badass. You will hit personal records, do more reps, improve form and go faster. You will be stronger!

Located in the heart of Campton Hills, Strong Gym is here to coach, support and empower you on your fitness journey.

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    Group Fitness Classes

    All group fitness classes are programmed to get you stronger over time. Building muscle and cardiovascular strength are key.

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    Personal Training

    One-on-One and Small Group opportunities are available.

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    Nutrition seminars, personal coaching, tips & recipes will be a regular part of your membership—because nutrition is half the battle!!

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    We can customize your fitness plan to fit your specific needs.


Sunrise Steps.

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Tuesday Transformation - Rose Domianus Santeler is a shining example of consistency, balance & patience.

She joined Strong Gym May 1, and she has lost 30 pounds to date plus gained muscle. Check out those guns💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻!

What’s Rose’s Secret?

...Consistency - She is consistent with movement & food. She attends class regularly 4+ days a week to lift weights & get her sweat on. She also walks regulary.

Balance - She practices food balance. Understanding that limiting alcohol & treats is necessary, yet can still be enjoyed in small planned quantities.

Patience - Her tranformation did not happen overnight. She had weeks when the scale didn’t move & life happened. She stuck to the plan by remaining consistent with her movement & getting back to balanced eating.

Muscle Build Monday - While lifting consistently with effort & intensity is key to breaking down the muscle, your nutrition must be on point to repair the muscle so it becomes bigger & stronger.

Tracking your macros is the best way to determine that you are getting adequate ...calories, protein, carbs & fat to build muscle.

I recommend tracking for 1 month minimum to learn the best macro breakdown for your goals. Protein should always be high at .8-1 gram per lb of bodyweight.

My exercise trifecta:
-Lift Weights
-Stairclimber (20-30 minutes)
-Walk 10,000+ steps

I hit all 3 a minimum of 4X per week. Aiming for 10,000+ steps most days.

I do this even on days I am unmotivated and super busy.

It is non-negotiable.

It is a ...habit.

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Tuesday Transformation - The Recomposition.

Recomposition is gaining lean muscle while simultaneously losing bodyfat, usually without a noticeable reduction in scale weight.

One should focus on strength training 4-6 days a week with limited cardio, while eating around maintenance... calories. It results in a tighter, slimmer figure over time.

Lisa Plansky Vanatta has consistently been a participant in my group fitness classes for 3+ years. About 2 years ago, she switched focus to more lifting with progressive overload.

Lisa practices food freedom. However, over two years she has lost inches & trimmed down.

Lisa lifts heavy & is dedicated to the process. She always encourages her classmates, and we ❤️ her at Strong Gym.

Great Job, Lisa!

Pump Secured.💪🏻

Love a good hotel gym.
Complete with machines, dumbbells, cables and smith machine. @osthoffresort

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Flex Friday.

Missing that show day tan!

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Gym owner, Kate Nightlinger challenges her clients with exercises that develop full-body strength while addressing muscle imbalances and conditioning to improve her clients’ work capacity. She encourages her clients to achieve short-term goals through consistency, which will lead to nailing their long-term vision. Kate’s exercise philosophy is – Move your body! She incorporates this into her life with weight training & long walks. She specializes in healthy eating and weight loss coaching, which began 10 years ago when she became a Registered Dietetic Technician. Kate is a Certified Personal Trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree from Southern Illinois University and an Associate’s Degree in Nutrition from Harper College. She lives in Campton Hills with her husband and two kids.